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TsuMaMoS 2014. Mathematical Modelling for Tsunami Early Warning Systems. An International Conference. - Thursday, 10th April.
Thursday, 10th April.

Main Speaker

Patrick Lynett, University Southern California (USA)

"Second-Order Corrections to Depth-Integrated Long Wave Models"   

Invited Speakers

1. Natalja Rakowsky, Alfred Wegener Institute (Germany)
''Retrospect on the modelling activities 2005 - 2014 for the German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System (GITEWS)''
2. Manuel J. Castro, EDANYA Group, Universidad de  Málaga (Spain)
"HySEA: a GPU-based model for Tsunami Early Warning Systems"
3. Mauricio González, Universidad de Cantabria (Spain)
"A methodology to ellaborate large scale national tsunami flooding maps combining NLSWE models with VOF RANS-based numerical models: An application for numerical data bases in TEWS"
4. Aurelio Mercado, UPRM (Puerto Rico)
"The Puerto Rico Tsunami Program after the 2004 Tsunami: Hazard and vulnerability assessment, public outreach and the Tsunami-Ready Program for Coastal Towns” 
1. Martin Hammitzsch.
"Implementation and integration of GPU-accelerated easyWave for instant tsunami propagation calculations in the TRIDEC tsunami early warning system demonstrator"
2. Jamie Rodney.
"GPU-based Modeling of Tsunami Propagation and Inundation"
3. Martina Ulvrova.
"Numerical platform for volcanic tsunami modelling"