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  • Castro, M. J.; García-Rodríguez, J. A.; González-Vida, J. M.; Macías, J.; Parés, C.; Vázquez-Cendón, E., 2004. Numerical simulation of two-layer shallow water flows through channels with irregular geometry. J. Comput. Physics, 195: 202-235.
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  • Castro M.J., González-Vida J.M., Parés C., 2006. Numerical treatment of wet/dry fronts in shallow flows with a modified Roe scheme. Math. Mod. Meth. Appl. Sc. (M3AS), 16(6): 897-931.
  • Fernández-Salas, L. M.; Lobo, F. J.; Hernández-Molina, F. J.; Somoza, L.; Rodero, J.; Díaz del Río, V. y Maldonado, A., 2003. High-resolution architecture of late Holocene highstand prodeltaic deposits from southern Spain: the imprint of high-frequency climatic and relative sea-level changes. Continental Shelf Research, 23: 1037-1054.
  • Lobo, F.J.; Sánchez, R.; González, R.; Días, J.M.A.; Hernández-Molina, F.J.; Fernández-Salas, L.M.; Díaz del Río, V.; Mendes, I., 2004. Contrasting styles of the Holocene highstand sedimentation and sediment dispersal systems in the northern shelf of the gulf of Cadiz. Continental Shelf Research, 24(4-5): 461-482.
  •  Lobo, F.J.; Fernández-Salas, L.M.; Hernández-Molina, F.J.; González, R.; Días, J. M. A.; Díaz del Río, V. y  Somoza, L., 2005. Holocene highstand deposits in the Gulf of Cadiz, SW Iberian Peninsula: a high-resolution record of hierarchical environmental changes. Marine Geology, 219: 109-131. 
  • Lobo, F.J., Fernández-Salas, L.M., Moreno, I., Sanz, J.L. y Maldonado, A., 2006. The sea-floor morphology of a Mediterranean shelf fed by small rivers, northern Alboran Sea margin. Continental Shelf Research, 26(20): 2607-2628.
  • Fernández-Salas, L.M., Lobo, F.J., Sanz, J.L., Díaz del Río, V., García, M.C. y Moreno, I. 2007. Morphometric analysis and genetic implications of pro-deltaic sea-floor undulations in the northern Alboran Sea margin, western Mediterranean Basin. Marine Geology, 243 (1-4): 31-56.

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