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TsuMaMoS 2014. Mathematical Modelling for Tsunami Early Warning Systems. An International Conference.
Welcome to Málaga

The city of Málaga, bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean, lies in the south of Spain. Its long history dates back to the times of the earliest sailors and merchants who came to these shores from the Eastern Mediterranean some three thousand years ago. Ever since, Málaga has been an open, hospitable city with a clear vocation for commerce and travel.

With 568,479 inhabitants, Málaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol and the sixth most populous city in Spain. Within Andalusia itself, it has consolidated its position as the economic capital of the region.

In addition, its privileged natural setting between the sea and the surrounding mountains ensures that Malaga boasts one of the most benevolent climates in all of Europe, with an average annual temperature ranging between a maximum of 22.8º C and a minimum of 13º C. As a result, Málaga and the Costa del Sol have become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, attracting over eight million visitors each year.

Tourist Information: Click Here

Málaga map: Click Here

 Below you will find some restaurants where you can taste the famous spanish "tapas" (and also "raciones", which is the same as a tapa, but bigger, to be shared), although you can also find international food restaurants in downtown.

Download map (PDF format).

More restaurants can be found in