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TsuMaMoS 2014. Mathematical Modelling for Tsunami Early Warning Systems. An International Conference. - Last Call (March 12, 2014) - Please Disseminate
Last Call (March 12, 2014) - Please Disseminate

Dear Colleagues,
(Apologies for possible cross-posting)

This is the third and last announcement of



that will be held in Málaga (Spain), from the 9th to the 11th of April 2014.

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The goal of this conference is bringing together scientists from around the world  with expertise or interest in Tsunami Early Warning Systems (TEWS) with a special  emphasis on the North-Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and connected seas region (NEAMTWS). The conference aims at evaluating the current state of the art technology in fast tsunami computation for rapid (much faster than real time) tsunami forecasting. The scope includes mathematical modelling  and numerical simulation of generation, propagation, and coastal amplification processes within the framework of TEWSs. In addition to these, other closely related topics such as monitoring, detection, operational forecasting, source inversion, public outreach, information exchange, warning issues, and tsunami hazard assessment will be discussed. The relevance and role of these topics in the development of structural and societal mitigation strategies and policies will also be addressed.

TsuMaMos 2014 Conference have been structured as follows:

(A) 3 Main Speakers:

  1. Patrick Lynett, USC (USA)
  2. Francois Schindelé, CEA (France)
  3. Stefano Tinti, Universitá di Bologna (Italy)
(B) 12 Invited Speakers:
  1. Stéphane Abadie, Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (France)
  2. Juan V. Cantavella, IGN (Spain)
  3. Fernando Carrilho, IMPA (Portugal)
  4. Manuel J. Castro, Universidad de  Málaga (Spain)
  5. Gerasimos Chouliaras, National Observatory of Athens (Greece)
  6. Denys Dutykh, LAMA, Université de Savoie (France)
  7. Mauricio González, Universidad de Cantabria (Spain)
  8. Aurelio Mercado, UPRM (Puerto Rico)
  9. Öcal Necmioğlu Boğaziçi University (Turkey)
  10. Alessio Piatanesi, INGV (Italy)
  11. Natalja Rakowsky, Alfred Wegener Institute (Germany)
  12. Amos Salamon, Geologycal Survey of Israel (Israel)
(C) 9 Communications (to be selected, 20 min)
(D) a poster session and

(E) 3 dissemination talks
The dissemination activities of the conference will consist in three talks (in Spanish) taking place in a public forum and addressed to a wider public.
  1. Diego Arcas, PMEL/NOAA (USA)
  2. Juan Carlos Mora Chaparro, UNAM (Mexico)
  3. Protección Civil y Emergencias (España)

Extended deadline for Abstract submission  March 23, 2014.
Deadline for Early Registration and Payment March 25, 2014.