The LavaFlow-HySEA code implements a one layer model describing the volcanic mass flow over topography. This layer is composed of a homogeneous inviscid fluid with constant density. The current version of LavaFlow-HySEA is a modification of the Landslide-HySEA model where the water fluid layer has been removed. It implements the natural 2D extension of the 1D two-layer Savage-Hutter model presented in Fernández-Nieto et al. (2008), where Cartesian coordinates are used instead of local coordinates at each point of the 2D domain and where no anisotropy effects are taken into account in the normal stress tensor of the solid phase. The mathematical model consists of one system of equations describing the slide material and represented by a Savage-Hutter type of model (Savage and Hutter, 1988). A Pouliquen scaling law (Pouliquen, 1999) is used to model the viscous effects. Input lava flows through the lava sources are included as source terms in the mass conservation equation.  


Model Background and Validation
Model Equations
Numerical Scheme
Software Details