Invited Speakers

Stéphane Abadie, Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (France)
"Numerical simulation of Navier-Stokes equations for tsunamis generated by subaerial landslides and their impact on the coast"
Juan V. Cantavella, IGN (Spain)
"Design of the Spanish National Tsunami Warning Center" 
Fernando Carrilho, IMPA (Portugal)
"The Portuguese National Tsunami Warning Center"
Manuel J. Castro, Universidad de  Málaga (Spain)
"HySEA: A GPU-based model for Tsunami Early Warning Systems"
Gerasimos Chouliaras, National Observatory of Athens (Greece)
"Operational methods in the Hellenic National Tsunami Watch Center (Hl_NTWC)"
Denys Dutykh, LAMA, Université de Savoie (France)
"Wave propagation over a rapidly varying bottom"
Mauricio González, Universidad de Cantabria (Spain)
"A methodology to ellaborate large scale national tsunami flooding maps combining NLSWE models with VOF RANS-based numerical models: An application for numerical data bases in TEWS"
Alessio Piatanesi, INGV (Italy)
"Source inversion for tsunamigenic earthquakes"
Natalja Rakowsky, Alfred Wegener Institute (Germany)
''Retrospect on the modelling activities 2005 - 2014 for the German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System (GITEWS)''
Amos Salamon, Geologycal Survey of Israel (Israel)
"Landslide tsunamis in the Levant – From historical archives to modern simulations"